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Know how it can benefit you...when you need time off to get you and yours better!

  • Effective January 1, 2021, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) administration will be handled by the City's Human Resources Department.

  • Reference Informational Bulletin 20-249 and 21-212 for an explanation of the proper codes to be used in Telestaff for FMLA as well as correct usage of time for personal and or family sick.

  • Entitled to 12 Workweeks which equates to 384 hours or 24 shifts in a 12 month period

  • Must be employed with the city at least 12 months or worked at least 1250 hours.

  • Employee is entitled to take Continuous, Intermittent or Reduced Schedule Leave

  • Issues with FMLA or HR related questions: Miriame Civil        954-828-5395

  • All forms shall be faxed to 954-828-5315.  Email

  • "Starting FMLA" button below will take you to the lauderserv portal that will allow you to retrieve all FMLA forms.

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